How does Chocolate Soup Work?

Chocolate Soup is a monthly subscription service that helps you recognize your employees for those events that are most important to them. Chocolate Soup also provides you with monthly company-wide wellness and culture building experiences.

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The awesome starts

Chocolate Soup starts supplying your company with personalized gifts and company-wide curated treats for your employees


love the outcome

Watch your company culture, retention, and employee wellness grow and strengthen

We know how much you value and respect your employees and how important it is for you to foster an amazing culture and increase employee wellness and retention within your organization. Chocolate Soup’s subscription is specifically tailored to help you achieve your objectives.


Handwritten Cards

Inside every gift is a lovingly handwritten and personalized card. No printed templates here!


Wellness Focused

Each employee gift includes relaxation and happiness toys specifically selected to increase your employees’ wellness.

Expertly Curated

All of our gifts are hand picked by our expert gifting team. Special care is given to the assembly of each gift to ensure the happiest of outcomes.


Tasty and Caring

Our monthly company wide cultural and wellness treats are always delicious and often themed based on the season.